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About Us

We won’t bore you with an extravagant, tear-jerking (& made up) story about how our brand was born. The idea that birthed Maybe this too simply came from a love of having a favourite mug. A love that was left heartbroken when a (very basic) mug was unable to be found and repurchased again. It wasn’t discontinued, it just wasn’t supplied to the store on the date they promised. So, instead of twiddling thumbs & setting (another) reminder on a phone - we created our own new favourite mug. But, this time it wasn’t just a regular (boring) mug. We made sure this mug was quirky & unique, and one you couldn’t just find anywhere. We then realised how popular this mug was amongst so many others, so we then created more. We have now expanded our range to include a variety of favourite, yet unique, products. We’re your go-to for adorable drinkware, trendy homewares, pet accessories & more!